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Relished Crew Serpent
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Check out Relished's Haunted build on HotDogHills Island!  I won't post too may pictures so as not to give away any surprises ;D




Ahoy! The following are changes from Vanilla are present on these high seas:

  • Iron Golems do not drop iron
  • Villagers will not give emeralds
  • Podzol will form from moss
  • After creating a nether portal and passing through, a portal is not created in the nether
  • Lava cannot be picked up in the nether with a bucket
  • Each island's spawn limit is 50 for hostile mobs and 100 for passive mobs
  • You are only allowed 1 miner minion and 1 fisher minion to be placed at once


ARR, don't be a landlubber!  If ye come across other murky waters, shout 'em from ye lung below.  This pirate will add it to his bounty in this post.