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Minecraft Server Rules
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6 months ago

Ahoy, Skyblock Pirates! Welcome to Saltwater Scourge Server Rules

Hoist the sails and prepare to embark on a daring adventure above the high seas! You've landed on the deck of Saltwater Scourge, where the skies are your domain and the plundering knows no bounds. To ensure a thrilling and harmonious voyage for all, we've charted a course with a few essential rules. Let these guidelines be your compass as you navigate.


1. Embrace the Pirate Code:

2. Build Your Sky Realm:

  • Pillaging and griefing are off-limits. Treasure your hard-earned loot!

3. Share Your Booty Wisely:

  • Be generous with your loot but don't steal/scam from others. Trade and cooperation make the world go 'round.

4. Respect the Limits:

  • Know the boundaries of the skies. No building/exploiting beyond the borders or flying to others lands un-invited!

5. Keep the Skies Beautiful:

  • Avast, The use of redstone flying machines is strictly prohibited. Keep yer feet on the deck or your boots on solid ground. Redstone Flying Machines are typically any type of contraption that uses slime blocks to move across large areas, like farm sweeping, or building a flying car for example.

6. Pirate Parley:

  • Settle disputes with a pirate's parley. Keep conflicts civil, and if needed, contact our sky moderators for resolution.

7. No Real-Life Trading (RLT):

  • Ye shall not engage in real-life trading (RLT) on these here waters. Keep the treasures and the trades within our virtual realm.

8. Limit of One Alternate Account:

  • Every pirate be allowed but one alternate account. Additional accounts be forbidden for a fair and level playing field.

9. No Island Farming:

  • Island farming, the act of repeatedly creating new island to collect resources for personal gain, be forbidden. Maintain the integrity of our realm's economy.

10. No Cheating, Hacking or Exploitation:

  • The use of cheats, hacks, exploits, or any unfair advantage in gameplay be forbidden. Play fair and uphold the honor of the pirate code.
  • Usage of hacks that bypass rank permissions are strictly prohibited.
  • You may use auto-fishing, mining, litematica/schematic building.
  • Zero hacks are to be used in spawn, the nether, or the end. You may only use them on your island. You can not use them on someone elses island unless very apparent permission was given.
  • Contact an admin before you use a hack that is not listed, This is your first and final warning!


By venturing into Saltwater Scourge, you pledge to abide by these rules. Breach the code, and Davy Jones's locker may await ye. Our quartermasters are here to enforce the code and ensure a safe voyage for all.

Join us on this epic journey as we conquer and uncover the mysteries that await. If you have questions or encounter issues in the boundless heavens, signal our quartermasters, and they shall assist ye!


Smooth skies and endless horizons,
The Saltwater Scourge Crew

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