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11/13/23 Updates
daoshii Captain
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3 months ago

I know we just released an update yesterday, but behold, more changes!

  • Obsidian Price Adjustment: Reduced the sell price of Obsidian to a reasonable 5 doubloons.

  • Lava Farming Expansion: You can now harvest lava using dripstone, enjoy.

  • Shop Enhancement: The shop now prevents accidental sales of enchanted diamond tools. Other enchanted tools are still available for trade.

  • Sponge Accessibility Update: Sponge and Wet Sponge are now easier to obtain, moved from the Kraken crate to the Serpent crate with a higher chance.

  • Totem Removal: Removed the Totem from the Kraken crate, as it has become obsolete with the server's no-death policy.

  • Bamboo Trade Boost: Increased the sell price of bamboo from .02 to .09. Adjusted the value of bamboo blocks accordingly.

  • Custom Generator Introduction: Implemented our own custom generator. Toggle ore with /sbutilities toggleore or use /toggleore.

  • Block Break Rewards Overhaul: Revamped block break rewards with a new custom system. Still a maximum of 10 Treasure Keys per day. Use /treasuremining nextreset to check the next reset time. Increased chances for money and XP rewards.

  • Generator Command Removal: Removed the /generator command; it's no longer needed, for now.