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Updates 11/12/23
daoshii Captain
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3 months ago

Ahoy! Heres our latest updates and bug fixes since the 2.0 launch, Hope you enjoy!


  • Diverse Cooking Options: The Cook Cod quest can now be successfully conquered, whether you choose to showcase your culinary skills on a Campfire or a Furnace.

  • Discover the Spawn's Wonders: Navigator Ned is thrilled to guide you through an enchanting tour of the spawn, unveiling its hidden treasures and secrets.

  • Enhanced Wayfinding Experience: Waypoints have received an upgrade! They now intelligently display the closest harbor, and in case two harbors are in close proximity, fear not – both will be prominently featured.

  • Quest Evolution: Bid farewell to the challenges of defeating Cap'n Skully and farming the Netherrack. These quests have gracefully exited the stage to make room for fresh adventures.

  • Piggy Pursuits: Say hello to a new quest! The Piglin quest has transformed into an exciting Pig quest, promising swine-related escapades and rewards.

  • Wand Mastery Restored: Builders, rejoice! The Builders Wand can once again weave its magic on Logs and Leaves, now that skill and XP restrictions have been lifted.

  • Crafting Clarity: No more confusion! Crafting level up messages now accurately display the correct profession name, ensuring you're always in the know.

  • Quartz Extravaganza: Treat yourself without breaking the bank – Quartz prices have been generously slashed by approximately 70%, making your acquisitions more budget-friendly.

  • Duel Delight: The long-awaited moment has arrived – duels are not just fixed, but fully enabled, promising an immersive and thrilling combat experience.