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Haunted Halloween Build-off Winner ANNOUNCEMENT!
Pexarae First Mate
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4 months ago

Ahoy there, me hearties! Gather 'round and listen up, for the winner of the Haunted Halloween Build off contest has been revealed!


First and foremost, I must apologize for the late announcement. It seems our ship hit a bit of rough weather, but we've finally navigated our way to unveiling the sole victor of this treacherous competition!

In a feat of unparalleled creativity and spine-chilling craftsmanship, one fearless pirate has outshone all others to claim the entire booty: 

👻 A collectible Halloween Head

🐽 Pig Spawner

🐍 Serpent Kit Items

🏴‍☠️ Master Shipwright Title

With a haunted halloween head displayed for envious delight, the seas tremble at their approach. The squeals of spawned pigs now echo through their domain, and the secrets of serpents at their command. As the Master Shipwright, their craftsmanship is the envy of all seafaring scallywags!

So, me hearties, let us raise our grog-filled tankards to the one true winner and their devilish impressive creation! May they forever sail the haunted seas, leaving a trail of ghostly legends in their wake! Arr, well done, ye fearless champion of the Haunted Halloween Build Off Contest!

Relished, reach out to our friendly admin team in game or in discord to claim your booty! 🎃


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