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Saltwater Scourge 2.0
daoshii Captain
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4 months ago

Shiver me timbers! We be unveilin' one of the grandest updates in the annals of Minecraft history – Saltwater Scourge 2.0!


Our Skyblock Islands be transformed into Pirate Isles, now sprawlin' at a hearty 128x128 size. Perfect for all ye scallywags who've got a hankerin' for map art and a love for adventure on the high seas.

Brace yourselves for new hourly events, aye, an' the spawn, it be more than 10 times the size it once was, teemin' with over 20 islands to explore, each laden with quests and boundless treasure to plunder.

We've got a bounty of custom swords, muskets, and armor to equip ye for battle, and scrolls, enchantments, and reinforcements to make yer gear as tough as a ship's hull.

There be multiple dungeons and fearsome bosses awaitin' brave souls to test their mettle, aye!

Become a master of Weaponsmithing, Armorsmithing, or Scribing at our craftin' stations with profession levels, and gain the upper hand in the auction house.

Customizable rafts, with their own unique flags, be ready for ye to command the high seas with style.

And if that weren't enough, we've got over a hundred skins to swankify the look of yer swords, guns, and armor!


But the best be yet to come! Set sail and discover all the other hidden treasures we've buried within Saltwater Scourge 2.0. Come aboard, me hearties, and let's make history on the blocky seas!