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A full list of the current custom enchants that are obtainable.


All Tools:

  • Unbreakable: Tools become unbreakable
  • Telepathy: Chance to automatically place mined blocks in inventory



  • Replanter: Replants crops



  • Rebreather: Chance to regain air while mining underwater
  • Replenish: Chance to restore food
  • Hasten: Chance to gain haste while breaking blocks



  • Hasten: Chance to gain haste while breaking blocks



  • Timber: Chance to fell a tree in one hit
  • Hasten: Chance to gain haste while breaking blocks


Fishing Rod:

  • Hook: Chance to double experience gained from fishing
  • Bait: Chance to double drops
  • Lucky: Increased fishing luck



  • Reflect: Chance to absorb and reflect damage
  • Ward: Chance to absorb damage
  • Divert: Chance to poison enemies and gain regeneration
  • Chunky: Chance to negate damage
  • Overload: Health boost



  • Molten: Chance to set attacker on fire
  • Frozen: Chance to slow attacker
  • Voodoo: Chance to give attacker weakness
  • Shockwave: Chance to knockback at low HP
  • Angelic: Chance to heal when damaged



  • Jellylegs: Chance to negate fall damage
  • Permafrost: Chance to slow attackers
  • Springs: Jump boost
  • Obsidian Shield: Fire resistance
  • Gears: Speed boost
  • Aegis: Chance for a speed boost upon falling



  • Hunter: Increased damage against passive mobs
  • Snare: Chance to slow and induce fatigue
  • Piercing: Chance to deal extra damage
  • Sniper: Headshots deal double damage



  • Forcefield: Chance to push away enemies
  • Ravenous: Chance to regain hunger
  • Permafrost: Chance to slow and cause bleeding
  • Ambit: Chance to deal area-of-effect damage
  • Vampire: Chance to heal on hit
  • Exalted: Chance to remove negative effects from self
  • Iceaspect: Chance to slow enemies
  • Rebound: Chance to gain health after a kill
  • Lifesteal: Chance to steal health and give to self
  • Slayer: Increased damage against passive mobs

Custom Enchants Weapons/Armor/Tools 3 days ago

I know we just released an update yesterday, but behold, more changes!

  • Obsidian Price Adjustment: Reduced the sell price of Obsidian to a reasonable 5 doubloons.

  • Lava Farming Expansion: You can now harvest lava using dripstone, enjoy.

  • Shop Enhancement: The shop now prevents accidental sales of enchanted diamond tools. Other enchanted tools are still available for trade.

  • Sponge Accessibility Update: Sponge and Wet Sponge are now easier to obtain, moved from the Kraken crate to the Serpent crate with a higher chance.

  • Totem Removal: Removed the Totem from the Kraken crate, as it has become obsolete with the server's no-death policy.

  • Bamboo Trade Boost: Increased the sell price of bamboo from .02 to .09. Adjusted the value of bamboo blocks accordingly.

  • Custom Generator Introduction: Implemented our own custom generator. Toggle ore with /sbutilities toggleore or use /toggleore.

  • Block Break Rewards Overhaul: Revamped block break rewards with a new custom system. Still a maximum of 10 Treasure Keys per day. Use /treasuremining nextreset to check the next reset time. Increased chances for money and XP rewards.

  • Generator Command Removal: Removed the /generator command; it's no longer needed, for now.


11/13/23 Updates 19 days ago

Ahoy! Heres our latest updates and bug fixes since the 2.0 launch, Hope you enjoy!


  • Diverse Cooking Options: The Cook Cod quest can now be successfully conquered, whether you choose to showcase your culinary skills on a Campfire or a Furnace.

  • Discover the Spawn's Wonders: Navigator Ned is thrilled to guide you through an enchanting tour of the spawn, unveiling its hidden treasures and secrets.

  • Enhanced Wayfinding Experience: Waypoints have received an upgrade! They now intelligently display the closest harbor, and in case two harbors are in close proximity, fear not – both will be prominently featured.

  • Quest Evolution: Bid farewell to the challenges of defeating Cap'n Skully and farming the Netherrack. These quests have gracefully exited the stage to make room for fresh adventures.

  • Piggy Pursuits: Say hello to a new quest! The Piglin quest has transformed into an exciting Pig quest, promising swine-related escapades and rewards.

  • Wand Mastery Restored: Builders, rejoice! The Builders Wand can once again weave its magic on Logs and Leaves, now that skill and XP restrictions have been lifted.

  • Crafting Clarity: No more confusion! Crafting level up messages now accurately display the correct profession name, ensuring you're always in the know.

  • Quartz Extravaganza: Treat yourself without breaking the bank – Quartz prices have been generously slashed by approximately 70%, making your acquisitions more budget-friendly.

  • Duel Delight: The long-awaited moment has arrived – duels are not just fixed, but fully enabled, promising an immersive and thrilling combat experience.

Updates 11/12/23 21 days ago

Shiver me timbers! We be unveilin' one of the grandest updates in the annals of Minecraft history – Saltwater Scourge 2.0!


Our Skyblock Islands be transformed into Pirate Isles, now sprawlin' at a hearty 128x128 size. Perfect for all ye scallywags who've got a hankerin' for map art and a love for adventure on the high seas.

Brace yourselves for new hourly events, aye, an' the spawn, it be more than 10 times the size it once was, teemin' with over 20 islands to explore, each laden with quests and boundless treasure to plunder.

We've got a bounty of custom swords, muskets, and armor to equip ye for battle, and scrolls, enchantments, and reinforcements to make yer gear as tough as a ship's hull.

There be multiple dungeons and fearsome bosses awaitin' brave souls to test their mettle, aye!

Become a master of Weaponsmithing, Armorsmithing, or Scribing at our craftin' stations with profession levels, and gain the upper hand in the auction house.

Customizable rafts, with their own unique flags, be ready for ye to command the high seas with style.

And if that weren't enough, we've got over a hundred skins to swankify the look of yer swords, guns, and armor!


But the best be yet to come! Set sail and discover all the other hidden treasures we've buried within Saltwater Scourge 2.0. Come aboard, me hearties, and let's make history on the blocky seas! 


Saltwater Scourge 2.0 about 1 month ago

New Features & Improvements:


  • Current Event on Scoreboard: Keep track of the latest event with ease! Now, you can view the current event directly on the scoreboard. If you can't see it, simply use "/board."

  • Daily Restart Kick: We've made your daily restarts smoother and safer. Players will now be gracefully kicked before the daily restart, receiving a "Daily Restart" message. This extra 20 seconds ensures that player data is safely saved before the server shuts down and players will know why they got the boot.

  • Crate Rework: Our crates have received a major backend upgrade to ensure that the displayed rewards match what you receive when you win. No more surprises!

  • Hopper Troubleshooting: Say goodbye to accidental item mishaps. When hoppers mistakenly feed items into a shop, they will now get stuck in the hopper, saving you from the hassle of emptying your shop and recreating it.

  • Quest Update: Completing the Piglin quest has become more flexible. Instead of searching for 10 Piglins, you can now also kill Zombified Piglins to fulfill your quest. Keep in mind that the requirement has been adjusted to 15.

  • Minecraft Update: We've upgraded the server from version 1.20.1 to 1.20.2, ensuring you have access to the latest features and bug fixes.

  • Chest Sorter: Introducing the chest sorter feature! Select one chest as your sender, and multiple chests as the receivers. Put items frame on your chests with the item you want sorted into that chest andd... magic! Please read the /guide for more information.

    Hope you enjoy these exciting updates and improvements in your gameplay experience!

1.20.2 Update about 1 month ago