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Shipwright Sapling Showdown
Pexarae First Mate
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6 months ago

Ahoy, Mateys! Set sail for the first-ever creative build event in Saltwater Scourge as you compete in the Shipwright Sapling Showdown.

This competition is all about letting the crisp fall air invigorate your senses and ignite your green thumb. Gather your hatchets and hoes and prepare to transform a barren island into a lush and vibrant autumn-themed tree farm. Envision you and your crew mates strolling through tree-lined orchards on a chilly day, picking apples, sipping hot cider, and devouring apple pie. The competition will test your layout abilities, creativity, and resourcefulness.

This event will run from September 15 - September 27. Submissions will be accepted via this forum thread starting at 12:00 a.m. September 15 until 12:00 a.m. September 27. The winner will be announced on September 30 and the winner will be granted access to the spoils of the event and the "Master Shipwright" title.



  • Must be the owner of the island.
  • The build must be submitted by the player/owner who built the majority of the farm (if working in a team).
  • Only 1 submission is allowed per player.
  • If using a tutorial build, you must add your own creative flair - let us see what you are made of!
  • Must be submitted no later than 12:00 a.m. on September 27.


Who are the judges?

Captain, First Mate, and Navigators:

Current Staff - Pexarae and Daoshii 

**If a staff member enters an event then ALL members will be able to vote 😁


What are the judges looking for?

  • Aesthetics - Just a row of trees will not do. We want to feel the autumn air as we WASD through your island.
  • Resourcefulness - This is a quick and early competition, we are all poor little pirates starting out. Use what you have and leave us speechless at what you have acquired!
  • Creativity and uniqueness - Get wild with your build!
  • Must have at minimum 10 trees in the build of your farm - This event is based around a tree farm, plant those saplings boys and girls!
  • Does not have to be an entire island - can be just a bounty of trees with farmland! Let your skills take you where they may.


What are the spoils and rank if I win?

🍁Collectible Autumn head

🌲Variety of tree saplings

🪓Diamond axe 

🏴‍☠️Master Shipwright title

☝️Permanent title that displays in the forums and on Discord along with deserved bragging rights that you are a creative builder😜 



🍂Inspiration to help you get started:

 Autumn apple orchard- rows of trees, hay bales, crates, seating, and leaves.

Don't be afraid to throw in a few pirate-themed items as decorations, Mateys! 😉

Barns, shops, farmland, animals, dirt paths, pumpkins, and all things Autumn farm-related.



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Pexarae First Mate
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5 months ago

Autumn Bliss: Pexarae's Island Apple Orchard Retreat 🍎🔥🍂

As the sun sets over my Minecraft world, I can't help but feel a sense of tranquility wash over me. Mainly because I'm finally done with placing leaves 😜.

Nestled amidst the rolling moss and lush forests, my autumn apple orchard has transformed into a crisp and cozy area of relaxation. Allow me to take you on a tour of this enchanting paradise, where campfires, autumn leaves, and pumpkins come together to create a symphony of autumnal wonder.




Whether you are looking for a serene getaway or a picturesque spot for a harvest festival, my orchard is open to all who wish to savor the enchantment of autumn in Minecraft. 🍁🍏🌟


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