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Community Code of Conduct
daoshii Captain
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6 months ago

Ahoy, Mateys! Welcome to Saltwater Scourge Code of Conduct

Avast, me hearties! Ye've set foot upon the deck of Saltwater Scourge, a haven for all ye scallywags and buccaneers. To ensure smooth sailin' on these here forums and to keep the spirit of adventure alive, we've laid down a few rules. Let these guidelines be yer compass as we embark on this treacherous journey together.


1. Respect the Crew:

  • Show respect to every matey aboard this ship. No foul language, personal attacks, or harm to others. Aye, we're all in this together!

2. Aye to Constructive Contributions:

  • Keep yer discussions shipshape and be a constructive part of the crew. We welcome a good debate, but mind yer manners.

3. No Plunderin' the Forums:

  • Keep yer posts relevant and avoid spam or excessive self-promotion. Share yer treasures, but don't drown us in 'em.

4. Stay on Course:

  • Keep yer discussions on course within the proper forum categories. If ye spot land on the horizon, drop anchor in the right harbor.

5. Protect Yer Secrets:

  • Guard yer personal information and respect the privacy of yer shipmates. We be pirates, not plunderers of personal data.

6. Call for the Captain:

  • If ye see a scallywag causin' trouble or spy an odd treasure map, report it to the captain instead of takin' matters into yer own hands.

7. No Advertising:

  • Avast, mateys! No advertising of other servers or website be allowed. Keep the crew focused on our realm's adventure!

8. Know the Code for Each Port:

  • Some ports may have their own set of rules and guidelines. Respect 'em when ye set foot on their shores

9. The Captain's Word is Law:

  • Our captains and quartermasters be keepin' the peace. Listen to their orders and follow 'em to avoid a trip to the brig.


By hoisting the Jolly Roger on Saltwater Scourge, ye pledge to follow these rules. Should ye decide to mutiny, there be consequences awaitin', from gentle reminders to walkin' the plank.

Be a true pirate and be part of this grand adventure. Together, we'll chart the seven seas of knowledge and camaraderie. If ye have questions or spy trouble on the horizon, contact our captains or quartermasters.


Fair winds and followin' seas,
The Saltwater Scourge Crew

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