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10/27/23 New Years and a few changes
daoshii Captain
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about 1 month ago
  • Introducing Lootbags! Find them in your hourly, daily, and weekly rewards for a chance at juicy treasures.

  • Floating Loot Barrels are now even more enticing, offering 4x the doubloons for those daring enough to claim them.

  • Enjoy the thrill of discovery with loot chests yielding 2x the doubloons. Your fortune awaits!

  • Your vote party count will now reset not only when the party ends but also when the vote chest materializes, this ensures your chest smacking count resets even if you log off before the party ends.

  • Gold Treasure Chests have a new surprise in store – they now grant Blank Designs instead of T3 Designs, opening up endless possibilities for your pirate adventures.

  • Ring in the New Year with a bang! New Year's bags are now dropping from skeletons of all tiers. Prepare for a celebration like no other!