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Pets and Rewards Update
daoshii Captain
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2 months ago

New companions have joined our crew, ready to embark on grand adventures with ye.

🌊 Unleashed for All Buccaneers

Black Bear

🐉 Dragon Bounties Await!

The mighty dragons have taken notice! The coveted Green Dragon be awarded to those who attain the rank of Serpent, the Red Dragon to the fierce Leviathan rank, and the majestic Purple Dragon to the untamed Kraken rank.


⚓ Uncharted Territories Ahead

But mark my words, this be just the beginning! The seas be teemin' with possibilities as I'm hard at work updating loot tables for over 60 more pets. Soon, a plethora of unique companions will be unlockable for ye to discover and call yer own. Stay vigilant, for I'll send word as soon as these treasures be ready for the takin'!


🎁 Hourly, Daily, Weekly Rewards

The seas be generous, and so be the rewards! Now, ye can collect spoils of the seas at regular intervals. Head to the Reward Manager, plot a course, and seize yer Hourly, Daily, and Weekly treasures! The Reward Manager stands vigilant near the Dockmaster.