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12/10/23 Updates
daoshii Captain
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2 months ago

Just some more QOL improvements

  • Raft Floating AI Enhancement: Rafts will now apply floating AI after a brief delay, significantly reducing the likelihood of sinking.

  • Default Flag for Rafts: Rafts with no previously set flag will now default to a white flag, addressing the issue of new players having no flag representation.

  • Key Rewards for Main Levels: Main levels will now reward keys, offering additional incentives for progression.

  • Scrolls Drop Rate Increase: Scroll drop chances have been substantially increased, with T1 at a 25% chance, T2 at 20%, T3 at 15%, and so forth—all raised from the previous range of 1-5%.

  • Bullet Mechanics Improvements: Bullets now pass through blocks to reduce obstructions. Bullet hit radius has been reduced from 1.5 to 1.0, aiding in smoother passage by invisible armorstand decorations.

  • Material Stacking Update: Old materials that previously didn't stack will now update upon being dropped and picked back up.

  • Voting Party Adjustment: The Voting Party requirement has been reduced from 12 to 4 votes, allowing each player to initiate their own party.

  • Enchant Buffs: Several enchantments have received buffs for improved effectiveness.

  • Chest Design Drops Update: T4, T5, and T6 chests will now drop their respective designs, eliminating the previous occurrence of dropping designs one tier lower.

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