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12/5/23 Lore and Level Update
daoshii Captain
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3 months ago

This update features a main level that's not displayed in the tablist. XP for your main level will be earned in various ways and is a great way of showcasing your veteran status on the server. The other big feature is /shiplog. All custom treasures, islands, and mobs will now have unique lore to open opportunities for unique quests in the future.

  • Scrolls Abound:¬†Scrolls chance increased in T1-T5 Chests, with the lowest tier having the highest increase at 5x more.

  • Dripstone Marvels:¬†Dripstone added to Building Blocks shop.

  • Quest for Glory: Daily quests now award xp to your main level to show your overall progress and dedication.

  • Charting Uncharted Seas: Uncover the mysteries of unexplored treasures, monstrous adversaries, and hidden islands with the newly introduced Shiplog. Each discovery not only enriches your log but also earns you well-deserved XP for your seafaring feats.

  • Cosmic Couture: Spruce up your character with cosmetic skins, now available in our website's store. Showcase your unique style as you navigate the high seas and conquer uncharted territories.


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