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Custom Enchants Weapons/Armor/Tools
daoshii Captain
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3 months ago

A full list of the current custom enchants that are obtainable.


All Tools:

  • Unbreakable: Tools become unbreakable
  • Telepathy: Chance to automatically place mined blocks in inventory



  • Replanter: Replants crops



  • Rebreather: Chance to regain air while mining underwater
  • Replenish: Chance to restore food
  • Hasten: Chance to gain haste while breaking blocks



  • Hasten: Chance to gain haste while breaking blocks



  • Timber: Chance to fell a tree in one hit
  • Hasten: Chance to gain haste while breaking blocks


Fishing Rod:

  • Hook: Chance to double experience gained from fishing
  • Bait: Chance to double drops
  • Lucky: Increased fishing luck



  • Reflect: Chance to absorb and reflect damage
  • Ward: Chance to absorb damage
  • Divert: Chance to poison enemies and gain regeneration
  • Chunky: Chance to negate damage
  • Overload: Health boost



  • Molten: Chance to set attacker on fire
  • Frozen: Chance to slow attacker
  • Voodoo: Chance to give attacker weakness
  • Shockwave: Chance to knockback at low HP
  • Angelic: Chance to heal when damaged



  • Jellylegs: Chance to negate fall damage
  • Permafrost: Chance to slow attackers
  • Springs: Jump boost
  • Obsidian Shield: Fire resistance
  • Gears: Speed boost
  • Aegis: Chance for a speed boost upon falling



  • Hunter: Increased damage against passive mobs
  • Snare: Chance to slow and induce fatigue
  • Piercing: Chance to deal extra damage
  • Sniper: Headshots deal double damage



  • Forcefield: Chance to push away enemies
  • Ravenous: Chance to regain hunger
  • Permafrost: Chance to slow and cause bleeding
  • Ambit: Chance to deal area-of-effect damage
  • Vampire: Chance to heal on hit
  • Exalted: Chance to remove negative effects from self
  • Iceaspect: Chance to slow enemies
  • Rebound: Chance to gain health after a kill
  • Lifesteal: Chance to steal health and give to self
  • Slayer: Increased damage against passive mobs

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