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1.20.2 Update
daoshii Captain
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4 months ago

New Features & Improvements:


  • Current Event on Scoreboard: Keep track of the latest event with ease! Now, you can view the current event directly on the scoreboard. If you can't see it, simply use "/board."

  • Daily Restart Kick: We've made your daily restarts smoother and safer. Players will now be gracefully kicked before the daily restart, receiving a "Daily Restart" message. This extra 20 seconds ensures that player data is safely saved before the server shuts down and players will know why they got the boot.

  • Crate Rework: Our crates have received a major backend upgrade to ensure that the displayed rewards match what you receive when you win. No more surprises!

  • Hopper Troubleshooting: Say goodbye to accidental item mishaps. When hoppers mistakenly feed items into a shop, they will now get stuck in the hopper, saving you from the hassle of emptying your shop and recreating it.

  • Quest Update: Completing the Piglin quest has become more flexible. Instead of searching for 10 Piglins, you can now also kill Zombified Piglins to fulfill your quest. Keep in mind that the requirement has been adjusted to 15.

  • Minecraft Update: We've upgraded the server from version 1.20.1 to 1.20.2, ensuring you have access to the latest features and bug fixes.

  • Chest Sorter: Introducing the chest sorter feature! Select one chest as your sender, and multiple chests as the receivers. Put items frame on your chests with the item you want sorted into that chest andd... magic! Please read the /guide for more information.

    Hope you enjoy these exciting updates and improvements in your gameplay experience!

Last edited: 4 months ago