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Exciting Updates!
daoshii Captain
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5 months ago

Exciting Updates in Our Latest Release, Hope you enjoy!


  • Account Integration: We're thrilled to introduce a new feature that allows you to seamlessly link your Discord and Minecraft accounts to our forums. Simply navigate to 'Account' and select 'Connections.' This will enable your rank to synchronize across both Discord and the Forums, making it easier than ever to stay connected.

  • Introducing the Builder's Wand: Craft your very own Builder's Wand with just 1 Diamond and 2 Blaze Rods arranged in a diagonal pattern. You can also discover this handy tool in our Treasure Crate! It's a game-changer for builders.

  • Farming Made Easier: Good news for farmers! The Melon farming quest no longer requires silk touch, making it simpler to cultivate those delicious melons.

  • Store Packages with a Fresh Look: We've revamped the graphics on our store packages to give them a more attractive and pirate-inspired appearance. Shop in style and support the server!

  • More Mending, Less Hassle: Say goodbye to XP Bottles! The Mending Enchanted Book has replaced them in the Serpent Crate, ensuring you can enjoy more Mending enchantments for your gear.

  • Builder's Wand Tweaks: We've fine-tuned the Builder's Wand. It can no longer be used on Logs, Leaves, Crops, or Ores, but in return, skillful players can now benefit from the double drop chance for certain resources that you once enjoyed. A fair trade-off for your building prowess!

  • Simplified Spider Quest: We've reduced the requirement for the Kill Spider quest from 25 to just 10. Get ready to take on those arachnids more efficiently.
  • Sculk Catalyst Unleashed: Discover the Sculk Catalyst in Kraken crate, allowing you to farm sculk in a manner similar to the Budding Amethyst in the Serpent crate for crystals. Plus, the Sculk Sensors obtained from a Catalyst open up exciting possibilities for creative redstone contraptions.

  • A New Culinary Challenge: The 'Eat Cake' quest has been replaced with 'Eat Chorus Fruit.' Enjoy a fresh culinary experience in your adventures!

    We hope you enjoy these enhancements and updates to your gaming experience. Stay tuned for more exciting changes in the future!

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