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Haunted Halloween Build-Off
Pexarae First Mate
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5 months ago


Avast, me hearties! it be time to let yer inner buccaneer run wild and your ghostly creativity set sail on the high seas of Minecraft! Welcome to the Haunted Halloween Build-off, where ye be invited to showcase yer most spine-chilling and ghostly creations. Whether ye be an old salt or a landlubber just gettin' started, this contest be callin' all hands on deck to craft the most haunted and curses spooky themed builds this side of Davy Jones' locker!



This October's theme be Halloween spookiness! Build anything yer imagination conjures that fits within the eerie, or haunted theme. Whether it's a haunted mansion, cursed pirate ship, a treasure island overrun by undead buccaneers, a creepy cemetery, a sinister witches' coven, or a sinister sea monster's lair, let yer imagination run as wild as the Kraken!



Haunted Structures: Construct the spookiest buildings, haunted lairs, or eerie landscapes. Scare us with yer architecture and ambiance!

Monstrous Marvels: Craft yer most terrifying mobs, creatures, or monsters. Let yer monsters roam, or cage them in a macbre exhibit!

Enchanted Artifacts: Forge the most mystical and cursed artifacts or items. Create magical and spooky contraptions that send shivers down the spine.



Must be the owner of the island

The build must be submitted by the player/owner who built the MAJORITY of the build (if working in a team).

Only 1 submission is allowed per player

If using a tutorial build, you must add your own creative flair - let us see what you are made of!

Upload photos or video (use an image uploading platform please) via reply in this forum and your submission will be posted in the event discord. *If you would like an admin to screenshot, message them in-game or on Discord.


Submission Deadline:

Must be submitted no later than 12:00 am midnight on October 27.

The winner announced on HALLOWEEN


Spoils for the winner:

👻Collectible Halloween head

🐽 Pig Spawner

🐍 Serpent kit items

🏴‍☠️Master Shipwright title



A panel of fellow pirates will evaluate each entry based on creativity, adherence to the theme, attention to detail, and overall spookiness factor. 


Spectator's Choice:

All players on the server can vote for their favorite build following the judging specifications above.


So hoist the Jolly Roger, gather yer pirate booty, and get ready to set sail on the most ghostly Minecraft adventure of the year. Unleash yer inner Halloween architect, and may the most feared pirate builder claim the treasure! Arrr, may Davy Jones himself tremble at the sight of your creation!



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Relished Crew Serpent
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4 months ago

Check out Relished's Haunted build on HotDogHills Island!  I won't post too may pictures so as not to give away any surprises ;D




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