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Another week, another bug squashed
daoshii Captain
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5 months ago

Welcome back to another week of changes and bug fixes, Hope you enjoy!

  • Enhanced Shopping Experience: Introducing the "Return to Main Shop" button across all shops, ensuring seamless browsing convenience.

  • Stay Informed: Stay updated with our new notification system! Receive alerts every time the Black Market refreshes to ensure you never miss out on fantastic deals.

  • Content Streamlining: Bid farewell to the problematic Kelp quest as we remove it from the game, freeing you from any worries it may have caused.

  • Exciting Events: We're thrilled to introduce the Crab Clash Hourly Event and the enchanting Birch Autumn Leaves, as previously announced.

  • Navigate Faster: Enjoy quicker access to leaderboards with the newly added /warp.

  • Island Etiquette: We've made some adjustments to ensure a fair play experience. Breaking 'unbreakable' blocks on another player's island will no longer grant doubloons, XP, or treasure keys.

  • Quest Simplification: We've heard your feedback! The Poppy gathering quest requirement has been reduced from 20 to a mere 5.

  • Economic Shift: Witness a change in the market! All log and stem prices have been increased by 5x in both the Blocks Shop and the Black Market.

  • Optimized Spawning: Spawn limits have been rectified, and spawn chances and rates have been significantly improved for a more balanced gaming experience.

  • Minion Mastery: Fulfilling a prior promise, we're introducing Miner and Fisher Minions, along with exciting upgrades. Level 1 grants you 1 hour before feeding, Level 2 offers 2 hours, and Level 3 even auto-cooks for you!

  • New Black Market Treasures: Explore fresh offerings in the Black Market, including Nether Star, Netherite Scrap, and the Tadpole Bucket.

  • Extended Relaxation: Auto-Fishing time has been extended from roughly 15 minutes to approximately 1 hour, allowing you more time to unwind.

  • Fireproof Loot: Your Vote Party Loot Chest is now immune to fire damage.

  • Streamlined Item Management: Items will now combine into larger stacks over a broader radius, reducing inconvenience and minimizing item entity lag.

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