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Small changes but a lot of them!
daoshii Captain
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5 months ago

We're thrilled to announce our latest round of updates! This time around, we've focused mostly on enhancing the balance of the game and improving your quality of life.


  • Skill Cooldown Reduction: We've supercharged your skills! Now, each skill ability helps you recover faster, reducing cooldowns by a whopping 10 seconds per level, instead of the previous 5. Get ready to unleash your potential!


  • Mana Efficiency: We've revamped mana costs to make your gaming experience smoother. Abilities originally had a base cost of 20 mana plus an extra 20 per ability level. We've streamlined this to a base cost of 20 mana and a more manageable 16 per level. Keep an eye on future adjustments as we fine-tune the balance based on skill buffs and nerfs.


  • Mob Leashing and Renaming: Say goodbye to unruly mobs! Some of those pesky mobs can now be leashed and renamed with nametags as originally intended. It's time to take control of your mob encounters!


  • Deepslate Delight: We've fixed the Cobble Deepslate XP and rewards system, and we're excited to announce that Deepslate has also been added to the stone generator. Mine smarter, and reap the rewards!


  • Netherite Upgrade Recipe: Crafters rejoice! The Netherite upgrade recipe is now available. It's as simple as the regular recipe, just swap out the smithing template with an emerald, and you're on your way to unparalleled gear.


  • Custom Rewards Galore: Our brand-new custom rewards plugin is here! Earning keys has never been easier, and we've added diminishing returns per key, ensuring a fair playing field. Start with less effort and challenge yourself with each key earned.


  • Questing Made Easier: We've heard your feedback! The "Kill 20 Piglin" quest has been reduced to just 10 Piglins. Get ready to complete quests faster and claim your rewards.


  • Improved Permissions: The "/Tpahere" permission has been fixed and is now fully functional. Additionally, you can now use "/island border" to toggle it on and off, giving you more control over your in-game experience.


  • Art Showcase Channel: We've added a dedicated art-showcase channel on Discord. Share your creativity and admire the talent of fellow community members.


  • Chestshop Upgrades: All ranks now have the ability to add up to 18 unique items to a chestshop, up from the previous limit of 9. To encourage a more streamlined experience, we've reduced the number of chestshops per rank to 5. Say goodbye to unwanted lag and hello to efficient trading!


  • Market Adjustments: We've fine-tuned the worth of certain items for a more balanced economy. Bamboo blocks are now valued at 0.18 (bamboo x 9), and light pressure plates are worth 60 (gold ingot x 2). Enjoy a more accurate and enjoyable trading experience!


  • VoteParty Upgrade: Voting is now more enticing than ever! We've made the VoteParty text rainbow-colored, making it highly visible. Plus, we've expanded the hitbox, making it easier for you to participate and reap the rewards.


  • In-Game Calculations: We've added a convenient in-game calculator. Just use "/solve" to perform quick transactions or solve complex equations. Math has never been this easy! (/solve 2+2)


  • Chat Freedom: Good news for all players! We've removed the secure chat requirement, allowing you to chat freely in public chat with any client. Express yourself and connect with the community without restrictions.


We hope you enjoy these enhancements and updates to make your gaming experience even more enjoyable and engaging! Keep an eye out for more exciting changes in the future. Happy gaming!

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