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Pexarae 👋
Pexarae First Mate
12 posts
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5 months ago
  1. In-game name: Pexarae
  2. Country: USA
  3. Role in the Server: First Mate
  4. Other games played: League of Legends, Rust
  5. Favorite things to do in Minecraft: Build, have tons of foxes :D, and literally just cut wood like all day long 😅
  6. Favorite Minecraft Biome: Right now I'm feeling the Flower Forest for the bees, but I like Tiaga. Also, Swamp for spooky building :)
  7. Minecraft builds (post a pic if you have it!): So far the one that has made me absolutely POOR is the greenhouse. I found this build on YouTube and went crazy with the pink :) 
  8. Favorite plug-ins or client: Skyblock and Optifine has changed my Minecraft life... 
  9. Hobbies: Gaming, writing.
  10. Most played Spotify (or other platform) playlist: A writing vibes playlist I made with a mix of acoustic, dark vibes kind of jams.
  11. Fun or quirky facts about yourself: My marriage vow is to troll my love, Daoshi, forever. 😍
  12. Favorite quotes: Normal is an illusion. What's normal for the spider is chaos for the fly. 
  13. Favorite emojis: 🥰 😅 
  14. Have any pets? Share some photos!: Loki and Luna the kitties and Harper that big dog 🥰
  15. Favorite food: Garlic Pizza
  16. Goals in the Server: To build lots of stuff, and have a great community of gamers :)

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