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Pirate Lore - Introduce yourself! 👋
Pexarae First Mate
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5 months ago

Ahoy, Mateys! This is your space to introduce yourself to the community! Share a glimpse of your personality, hobbies, interests, and why you're here. Let's get to know each other a little better!🏴‍☠️


This is an optional post, share only if you want to! Feel free to share whatever you are comfortable sharing, and respect your own privacy, as well as others. Here are some prompts to get you started:

  1. In-game name:
  2. Country:
  3. Role in the Server:
  4. Other games played:
  5. Favorite things to do in Minecraft:
  6. Favorite Minecraft Biome:
  7. Minecraft builds (post a pic if you have it!):
  8. Favorite plug-ins or client:
  9. Hobbies:
  10. Most played Spotify (or other platform) playlist:
  11. Fun or quirky facts about yourself:
  12. Favorite quotes:
  13. Favorite emojis:
  14. Have any pets? Share some photos!:
  15. Favorite food:
  16. Goals in the Server:
  17. Favorite YouTube channels:
  18. Artist or musician? Tell us!:
  19. Anything else you want to share:

Whether you are here to connect, learn, or simply put some blocks on your island, this is where we can put a face and personality to your username! Let your story unfold and connect with fellow Pirates on a personal level!

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