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Massive Changelog!
daoshii Captain
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5 months ago

We are pleased to introduce several significant changes and improvements to enhance your gameplay experience. Our commitment to fine-tuning and balancing the game continues, ensuring that every aspect of your adventure in our world is both enjoyable and rewarding.


  • Coral Crafting: You can now craft coral blocks using a total of nine of their respective fans. For instance, 9 Tube Coral Fans can be combined to create 1 Tube Coral Block.

  • Boss Rebalancing: The health and damage of all bosses have been reduced. Additionally, we've implemented individual loot tables for each player, eliminating the previous loot-splitting system. This change ensures that every player receives their rightful rewards.

  • Farming Quests: We have resolved issues with farming quests to provide a smoother and more consistent questing experience.

  • Nether Resource Adjustments: Nether ore drops have been reduced, and a 25% drop rate has been established. Each level of Fortune enchantment will increase this rate by 5%. Furthermore, silk touch is now disabled for ores in the Nether, striking a balance between resource availability and gameplay challenge.

  • Piglin Bartering Revision: Piglin bartering rates have been adjusted to create a more balanced approach. While you can still obtain all items, it will now be at a reduced rate, adding an element of risk to the rewards.

  • Mob Spawn Rates: Mob spawning rates and limits have been significantly reduced to prevent players from becoming overwhelmed by hostile mobs, regardless of the world they explore.

  • Potion Quests: Potion quests have been removed in favor of Alchemy, which adds bonus effects to potions that quests cannot detect.

  • Stone Generator Enhancement: You can now activate a stone generator that produces no ores, making it particularly useful for activities like moss farms.

  • Cobbled Deepslate Generator: We've introduced a new generator that allows you to switch between cobblestone and deepslate. Both variations produce ores, giving you more control over your resource gathering.

  • Leaderboards Addition: We're excited to introduce the Balance and Skill Power leaderboards, conveniently located next to the Island Level leaderboard, to highlight the achievements of our skilled players.

  • Grave Protection: Graves are now protected from other player looting for the first 5 minutes, followed by an additional 5 minutes during which they can be looted by other players, offering a fair balance between preserving player items and encouraging meaningful interactions.

  • Fishing Experience Adjustment: Fishing experience has been reduced to ensure a more balanced progression system, preventing certain treasures from yielding disproportionately high experience gains.

  • NPC Enablement: NPCs, including villagers and wandering traders, are now enabled. Villager-to-villager trading is also enabled for farming purposes. However, all emerald trades are disabled for players to maintain game balance.

  • Vote Party Improvement: The Vote Party now requires only 9 votes instead of the previous 10, making it even more accessible for our dedicated community members.

  • Dripstone Behavior Change: Dripstone will no longer fill cauldrons if the source is lava, This change prevents infinite lava ensuring a more fair gameplay experience.

  • Crate Fix: Receiving a Serpent, Leviathan, or Kraken kit from any crate will no longer put your kit on cooldown ensuring you can still receive your kit at the appropriate time.


We hope these changes enhance your gaming experience and create a more immersive and balanced environment for all players. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our world. Enjoy your adventures!

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