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Trading Port 🪙
Pexarae First Mate
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5 months ago

Pirate's Trading Port

Step ashore our Trading Port, anchored in the heart of the Seven Seas. Our port is the ultimate destination for pirates seeking to exchange their hard-earned plunder for some shiny doubloons.

⚔️Trade your booty: Swap your hard-earned loot, logs, weapons, decor, precious gems, or delicious foods for doubloons or other goods with fellow pirates.

🏝️Explore the Marketplace: Navigate through other pirate shops, where exotic goods and rare resources await discovery.

🍻Tavern Tales: Gather 'round other islands to share stories of Deadbeard's defeat and tales of daring voyages. You might make new friends!


Post your player shop in Discord any way you would like! Photos, videos, or a simple description will do. Update your shop's posting frequently to ensure your guests have the newest inventory at a glance. Post in the Discord #trading-port channel!

Access shops in game with /chestshop browse.

Create your own shop with /chestshop


Whether you're a seasoned buccaneer or a fresh-faced landlubber, the Trading Port is your one-stop shop for anything you might need. Avast ye, Matey, and let the trading begin! 🪙


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