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I know we just released an update yesterday, but behold, more changes!

  • Obsidian Price Adjustment: Reduced the sell price of Obsidian to a reasonable 5 doubloons.

  • Lava Farming Expansion: You can now harvest lava using dripstone, enjoy.

  • Shop Enhancement: The shop now prevents accidental sales of enchanted diamond tools. Other enchanted tools are still available for trade.

  • Sponge Accessibility Update: Sponge and Wet Sponge are now easier to obtain, moved from the Kraken crate to the Serpent crate with a higher chance.

  • Totem Removal: Removed ...
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Ahoy! Heres our latest updates and bug fixes since the 2.0 launch, Hope you enjoy!


  • Diverse Cooking Options: The Cook Cod quest can now be successfully conquered, whether you choose to showcase your culinary skills on a Campfire or a Furnace.

  • Discover the Spawn's Wonders: Navigator Ned is thrilled to guide you through an enchanting tour of the spawn, unveiling its hidden treasures and secrets.

  • Enhanced Wayfinding Experience: Waypoints have received an upgrade! They now intelligently display the closest harbor, and in case two harbors are in close proximity, fear not – both will b...
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Ahoy there, me hearties! Gather 'round and listen up, for the winner of the Haunted Halloween Build off contest has been revealed!


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Ahoy, ye scallywags and fearless pirates

We be thrilled to announce the top voters for the month of October 2023, who've displayed their unwavering support for our swashbuckling adventures. These fine mateys have plundered their way to the top of the voting charts:


1. Relished: 121 votes

2. LemonyFoxtrot: 88 votes

3. herobrinesoloall: 39 votes


Our hearty congratulations to these buccaneers for their outstanding dedication and loyalty to our server. Ye've truly earned yer place in our pirate hall of fame!


Now, here's the catch, me hearties. We've noticed that for some of these winners, their "last online" statu...

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Shiver me timbers! We be unveilin' one of the grandest updates in the annals of Minecraft history – Saltwater Scourge 2.0!


Our Skyblock Islands be transformed into Pirate Isles, now sprawlin' at a hearty 128x128 size. Perfect for all ye scallywags who've got a hankerin' for map art and a love for adventure on the high seas.

Brace yourselves for new hourly events, aye, an' the spawn, it be more than 10 times the size it once was, teemin' with over 20 islands to explore, each laden with quests and boundless treasure to plunder.

We've got a bounty of custom swords, muskets, and armor to equip ye for battle, and scrolls, enchantments, and reinforcements to make yer gear ...

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