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  • Introducing Lootbags! Find them in your hourly, daily, and weekly rewards for a chance at juicy treasures.

  • Floating Loot Barrels are now even more enticing, offering 4x the doubloons for those daring enough to claim them.

  • Enjoy the thrill of discovery with loot chests yielding 2x the doubloons. Your fortune awaits!

  • Your vote party count will now reset not only when the party ends but also when the vote chest materializes, this ensures your chest smacking count resets even if you log off before the party ends.

  • Gold Treasure Chests have a new surprise in store – they now grant Blank Designs instead of T3 Designs, opening up endless possi...
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New companions have joined our crew, ready to embark on grand adventures with ye.

🌊 Unleashed for All Buccaneers

Black Bear

🐉 Dragon Bounties Await!

The mighty dragons have taken notice! The coveted Green Dragon be awarded to those who attain the rank of Serpent, the Red Dragon to the fierce Leviathan rank, and the majestic Purple Dragon to the untamed Kraken rank.


⚓ Uncharted Territories Ahead

But mark my words, this be just the beginning! The seas be teemin' with possibilities as I'm hard at work updating loot tables for over 60 more...

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Just some more QOL improvements

  • Raft Floating AI Enhancement: Rafts will now apply floating AI after a brief delay, significantly reducing the likelihood of sinking.

  • Default Flag for Rafts: Rafts with no previously set flag will now default to a white flag, addressing the issue of new players having no flag representation.

  • Key Rewards for Main Levels: Main levels will now reward keys, offering additional incentives for progression.

  • Scrolls Drop Rate Increase: Scroll drop chances have been substantially increased, with T1 at a 25% chance, T2 at 20%, T3 at 15%, and so forth&mdas...
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This update features a main level that's not displayed in the tablist. XP for your main level will be earned in various ways and is a great way of showcasing your veteran status on the server. The other big feature is /shiplog. All custom treasures, islands, and mobs will now have unique lore to open opportunities for unique quests in the future.

  • Scrolls Abound: Scrolls chance increased in T1-T5 Chests, with the lowest tier having the highest increase at 5x more.

  • Dripstone Marvels: Dripstone added to Building Blocks shop.

  • Quest for Glory: Daily quests now award xp to your main level to show your overall p...
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Ahoy, ye scallywags and fearless pirates

We be thrilled to announce the top voters for the month of November 2023, who've displayed their unwavering support for our swashbuckling adventures. These fine mateys have plundered their way to the top of the voting charts:


1. Relished: 87 votes

2. LemonyFoxtrot: 20 votes

3. Dem0Gorgon: 16 votes


Our hearty congratulations to these buccaneers for their outstanding dedication and loyalty to our server. Ye've truly earned yer place in our pirate hall of fame!


To claim yer giftcard, follow these simple steps:

  • Join our Discord server.
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